Great Annual Savings

It’s more important than ever to save money at the minute, so why spend more than you need to on your business costs? GAS can help you save that all important cash on your business gas, electric, water and business waste costs.

Great Annual Savings offers a free assessment of your business (yes completely free of charge!), this assessment will reveal if you can save any money by switching providers.

Energy Procurement

When it comes to energy procurement GAS generate millions of pounds of savings for their customers every year, this is due to the unrivaled experience of their business solutions managers.  They provide a no-obligation service so don’t worry about facing any pressures of signing up!

Their top-notch customer service provides a strong, trustworthy working relationship with your account manager who’ll learn the ins and outs of your company.

Energy Management

GAS not only helps you save by negotiating superior procurement contracts, but they help you use less energy, therefore saving money and improving your carbon footprint. Their experienced team has a track record across a range of sectors so they can offer technical solutions, support and mentoring to help you improve your own skills and your business’s technical set up.

Our services comprise:

  • Energy Audits of buildings and facilities to determine how efficient they are.
  • Recommendations for reducing consumption through a range of methods.
  • Full or partial project management of energy saving projects.
  • Advice on metering to generate consumption reports and an ‘energy map’.
  • Development and training of internal staff to maximise your in-house capabilities.
  • Compliance and legislation services to keep you up-to-date with regulations.

Business Water

Ride the wave of deregulation to enhance your business. In April 2017 the English business water market became deregulated, GAS were ready for this!

Deregulation means that businesses can now negotiate their water contracts in the same way they do with their energy. This means you can now choose the most suitable retailer for you, based on your needs and the cost.

Since then GAS have helped hundreds of customers to reduce their water bills, with typical early savings of 3% – 5% expected to increase as the new market matures.

Their comprehensive approach to procurement and management includes:

  • Billing analysis
  • Usage analysis through site profiling and benchmarking
  • Meter downsizing
  • Surface water and highway drainage evaluation
  • Allowance optimization
  • Leak detection and repair
  • Trade effluence negotiation
  • Conservation solutions
  • Bill monitoring

And it doesn’t stop there! If they find that you’ve been overpaying on your water we can also arrange reimbursement.

The market now offers businesses an ocean of possibilities.

Business Waste

GAS helps clean up the complicated job of business waste. Far from the glamorous subject, but extremely effective when it comes to becoming more effective as a business. They can take as much of the process off your hands as necessary, leaving your mind free of clutter.

Don’t worry, they offer eco-friendly solutions to help slash that carbon footprint!

All elements of your current processes are assessed including container size and collection schedules in order to save you as much as possible.

They also believe in keeping jargon to a minimum to simplify a not so simple process.

GAS offer:

  • Waste collection
  • Waste and recycling equipment
  • Foodsmart
  • Interceptor emptying
  • Confidential shredding
  • Waste electric and electronic equipment (WEEE)
  • Waste management consultancy
  • Food waste consultancy
  • Reporting

Business Telecoms

Utilise the latest technology to drive your business forward. Hold the phone…did you know Great Annual Savings’ telecoms partner hasn’t raised their rates for nine years. That type of reward for loyal customers is rare due to the highly competitive world of business costs.

Their confident they can beat your telecoms contract…and their incredible customer service and quality product provision is bound to keep you as a customer.

How they help:

  • Fixed line telephony, PSTNs, ISDN2 and ISDN30
  • Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions
  • SIP Trunking
  • Traditional or cloud-based telephony systems
  • Mobile Voice and Data
  • Broadband

Here are some of their solutions: EE, O2, BT and Vodafone.

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